Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Everyone is Everybody

Single-channel stop-motion video animation as HD projection, 3:35 mins, sound, colour, 2012
Vocal: Yori Papilaya, Lidyawati, Yasmina Yustiviani 
Music: Hendra Budiman 
Mixing: Herman Wong 
Lyric: Tromarama

Commissioned for APT7

Everyone Is Everybody

everyone is everybody
don't trust me ask my buddy
maybe you're gonna think this for a while

you want to look trendy
work hard and find the money
so you can buy things bit pricey

going to italy just to buy bags
and stop in london just to look fab

he bought me in milan (Bongiorno)
but I'm from pakistan
and just used me once

he want to look sartorial
but I'm only a pedestal
na na nanana na

having the gadgets
mr. know it all
Browsing the latest
share and show - off

That images
in your mind
isn't that just an illusion?

That images
in your mind
isn't that just a fantasy?

Y…. O…. U…
don't know

i need sun 
i need moon
i need love
not just a dust bag

The new season is coming
everything seems very tempting
and you suddenly start counting

they know which the original
but looks for the artificial
na na fake nana na na

looking the calendar just to wait for sale
having a daydream live in a fairy tale

everyone is everybody
trying hard to be somebody
with something sparkling, blinking and glossy

monday to sunday full of dress
All day long feel so glamorous
ni hao ma bonjour ciao bella


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