Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Collectors Show: Chimera

The Collectors Show: Chimera brings together major works of Asian contemporary art from private collections around the world. A tribute to the art patrons of today, the exhibition offers an insight into the breadth and richness of private art collections, introducing visitors to the personal visions and passions that shape them.

Titled Chimera, a deliberately evocative word that references both the mythological hybrid monster and the idea of an illusion, fantasy, or delusion, the exhibition presents contemporary art in all its various and hybrid forms, from painting to sculpture, to new media and interactive multi-media. The works selected eschew conventional spectacle in favour of a reflection on vision and visuality, offering up visually seductive surfaces tinged with undercurrents of anxiety. These artworks remind us of the spectres of our age – questions and issues which continue to haunt us and test our judgement at every turn and corner of our new millennium.

The Collectors Show: Chimera is a parallel event of Art Stage Singapore 2012 and independently organised by the Singapore Art Museum.

Featured Artists
Hamra Abbas
Sheba Chhachhi
Alfredo Esquillo Jr
Patricia Eustaquio
Bharti Kher
Tomoko Konoike
Yayoi Kusama
Lee Yong Baek
Li Hui
Lin Tianmiao
Takashi Murakami
Donna Ong
Rashid Rana
Raqib Shaw
Yasmin Sison
Entang Wiharso
Yee I-Lann

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