Monday, August 24, 2009

Retrieval Project

147 mini pillows

Research has shown that people forget things for one of three reasons

They don't get it in the first place.
They had it, but they lost it.
They have it, but they can't find it.

These mistakes reflect a failure in one of the three mental processes necessary for memory:


Or as we like to call it:

Getting it in.
Keeping it there.
Getting it out!

Retrieval is the process of finding information stored in your memory and bringing into consciousness.

" Throughout this project, we try to provide space for the people we meet to remember their imaginary friends. We ask them to take five minutes out of their busy lives to reflect awhile on these memories or hopes. To depart from logic into imagination." – Tromarama


Richard said...

Beautiful work! I really like!
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Greetings from The Richard (who is missing rididng around in the Tromamobile!)

ruparupatia said...

aahhh keren!!! suka gw..suka... 4 tumbs up for beby,ebet, ambon...